Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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"Casual photoshoot +Instagram filters + square ready cropping = retro style glam shot. #photography #beauty #glamour #vintage #look #gorgeous #model #portfolio "

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

QUEEN: The Pushkaraj S Shirke Review

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Queen: The Pushkaraj S Shirke Review My loathing for all things bollywood is pretty well known. So when I praise a movie that comes from the garbagepile of cinema that we call Bollywood, it's truly remarkable. One such movie in a Long long time, is QUEEN. 

 Genuinely simple and Hilarious, woman centric, realistic with subtle flights of fantasy and far far away from the stereotypical romantic crap tht infests Bollywood. This movie has it all. I've always adored kangana for being a very sweet person an considered her an actress with genuine potential - and this movie just proved that to everyone who's watched it. The direction and cinematography carry the candid and piece of life feel of the story throughout. Not at one moment do you feel that you are watching a movie. And that's true genius. 

The costume and art are as true to character and location as can be throughout the film - and even In the end, where out if my cynical nature, I was expecting It to go out d character and overboard, it did not. And tht just made it perfect. Unlike a typical Bollywood movie where character transformations are always cocoon to splendid Amazonian butterfly, Queen managed to keep it real. 

Its a movie you really take home with you even long after you have left the cinema hall. And that's how you know you have witnessed real cinema. 

 My rating: 9/10
 Must watch. Must own on DVD. Must show your daughter.

 #film #review #movie #bollywood #queen

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why do I Train?

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"Why do You train? Why do I train as hard as I do? Very blatantly put, I train so that I can do all the things i love - climb mountains, swim ice lakes, tour bikes, live in forests, ride horses, travel like a nomad, build things, work like a machine, have an amazing sex life, stand up for the people I love and kick serious ass in general. To live my life, to the fullest. -Pushkaraj S Shirke So, what do you train for? #life #fitness #training #reasons #whydoyoutrain #gym #biking #riding #bodybuilding #travelling #living #honest " 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indian Genetics are great for Female Fitness and Bodybuilding

Congratulations to Deepika Chaudhary, a k11 trained girl groomed by team bombshell for winning the novice category in her class and overall - in the bodybuilding and figure competition in Florida. Tht makes her the first Indian (living in India) to do so. Indian women have such amazing genetics that given the right training and confidence, they can literally rule the bikini and figure categories in bodybuilding. Nicole nagrani, Nicole moneer and many others are proof of te beauty of Indian genetics for women's bodybuilding. I hope more indian women are now aware and take advantage of this incredible gift we have. Aim high, Train right, Train heavy and be an inspiration. Make India Proud. (Y) 

 #bodybuilding #fitness #figure #women #body #beauty #win #k11 #teambombshell #india #florida

Friday, March 28, 2014

Casual Photoshoots - Photopainting

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Halfway between a photograph and a painting - a piece of photo painting work done purely with digital apps available on my phone. Model: Aakriti Srikanth

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