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Mad Max : Fury Road - A Critical Analysis of its Filmcraft

A critical analysis of what makes MAD MAX FURY ROAD a piece of sheer awesomeness - besides being sheer adrenaline. A review of the filmcraft that makes the movie the 9/10 blockbuster piece of amazing filmmaking it is.

The film pickle review of the movie:

EXTRA: My review of MMFR created quite an interesting discussion on FB. Here's what happened:

Mad Max: Fury Road monkeyrating: 9/10. This is the action film of the decade! Freakking fabulous. The female leads takes the cake here. Max is underplayed and Furiosa leads the movie and what greatness it is! From the cars to the characters to the action to the soundtrack! All is awesome! The only drawback would be a slight lack of plot but yet covered well by nonstop adrenaline rushes and a well drafted screenplay. This is the kind of action film that makes me want to make films, be in films, live films! I have already watched it twice and will also own it on DVD. Tottaly worth it. ‪#‎movie‬ ‪#‎film‬‪#‎review‬ ‪#‎madmax‬ ‪#‎furyroad‬ ‪#‎hollywood‬
PS: catch the video review on our film reavie channel :
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  • Riyaz Khan this is the action I will waiting forr
  • Singh Daman Y deduction of 1mark
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke 1 mark deducted for lack of a well scripted plot. Its an average script just well written and well made. If if didn't have such great action and effects, the script would have failed by itself.
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  • Shakrendra Seth Saw the movie it was crap. No story plot. The movie lacked substance.
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke @shakrendra are you on estrogen hormone therapy? Or did u watch Bombay velvet thinking it was mad max? tongue emoticon
  • Shakrendra Seth Bro estrogen is for you not for me. Well I left my opinion so do not think u have the right to run me down.
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke I'm not running u down bro, I'm making a counter statement to your opinion. Coz mad max, by all levels of judgement, was incredible.
  • Shakrendra SethBro I agree the sound track was great. But I just expected it to give some reasoning for why was every thing happening. How did the hero land up there. How did the green land disappear. Well in the end if the reached the place where was the water coming g from I was looking for some substance. You are right with your opinion about the movie. It's just that I expected a bit more sense in what they made. Peace bro. It's just that we two have different opinions
  • Pushkaraj S ShirkeShakrendra Seth I have also cut the only point I have cut from the movie for the story - but not for the reasons u have given. All the points that you mentioned have valid reasons. They are explained in the first 2 minutes of the movie. Its a post holocaust world where the land is turning sour and small groups of survivors are running their own kingdoms and tribes. Also, having watched the 3 previous mad max movies, helps with the story understanding a bit. Mad max used to be a cop and is a lone ranger gone crazy. But yes, the story is linear and predictable and that is where I deducted one point for the movie. Otherwise the entire movie had me surging with adrenaline all through. Art and costumes - production design was also spectacular! Music and score was great! The do of wagon was crazy as hell! The character make up was awesome so were the characters. I mean there's no way anyone was not entertained in this movie! It was sheer testosterone!
  • Ashim MatthanThe plot was very straightforward. World gone mad. Not everything was supposed to make WTF was up with those crows in the marshes? The green land disappeared because over time everything dies: that was the point of this movie. That you cannot fix everything. The movie was great and the only one who had a meager role was mad max Tom Hardy himself...coz he had 100 words to say in the movie (it was probably 50 but I'm exaggerating) and zero expressions.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Saturday, April 25, 2015


First there were morons in the field of fitness who thought: Supplements = Steroids. Now comes the second wave of morons who think PhotoProcessing = PhotoShopping. What we learn from this is that the only true fact is that Hater = Ch**ya #facepalm
- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Fitness is one field where everyone has a tendency to think that they are all experts. A grand bunch of know it alls schooled from IIN(internet) with large doses of conventional wisdom. So its not surprising that we see waves of fools one after the other. The first few waves were about heavy training making people huge and light training keeping people lean, the second wave was about supplements being steroids, and now a growing wave is the bunch of idiots that like to comment "Photoshop!" on every striking physique they see. The kind of fools who don't even know the basics of fitness or fitness photography - the idiots who don't even know what a RAW image is, what a processed image is, what retouching is and what photoshopping and morphing is.

So here are the basics of fitness photography just for those willing to get out of their pool of ignorance and willing to learn:

Fitness photography is all about lighting primarily. Simple Glamour lighting doesn't work here. Lighting that flattens and softens your hard earned physique doesn't work here. You need lighting that compliments every curve of muscle that you have earned.

Me consulting with Fitness coach and Bodybuilder, Kaizzad Capadia as to what
bodybuilding poses will highlight Athlete Yashmeen Manak's most prominent Musculatures. 
Though there are many 'fitness' photographers who shoot soft-porn and boudoir magazine centrespreads in the name of fitness, real fitness photography is not soft porn. If the poses in your photo can be captioned as "take me baby!" and seem like an invitation to take off your clothes, its probably not fitness photography. I mean no disrespect to boudoir photography, I have shot lingerie commercials too. But when you do that, call it that. Don't name it fitness photography and disrespect a field. Fitness photography poses involve poses that display your grit, strength, fitness attributes and musculature - and thus often involve lifts, weights and dynamic movements - or simple classical poses that enhance the visibility of the most well developed musculature of the athlete.

WIKIPEDIA: A camera raw image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of either a digital cameraimage scanner, or motion picture film scanner.[1][2] Raw files are named so because they are not yet processed and therefore are not ready to be printed or edited with a bitmap graphics editor

Now this is where we get to the technical aspects. A professional photographer always shoots in the RAW format. What RAW means is not that it is a real picture - it means that it is a very high resolution picture that carries millions of micro details of the picture that was shot. RAW IMAGES are NOT the final images. They are like the Negative of a film reel. They need to be processed.

A processed image of Model Ishan Qureshi shot by Me, Pushkaraj S Shirke.

Earlier processing used to take place in dark rooms with silver nitrate dips. In modern days, photo processing takes place on a simple software called LIGHTROOM or in PHOTOSHOP. Just because these images are processed in photoshop, it does not mean that they are photoshopped. Photoprocessing only involves altering light, contrast, hues, levels, clarity, sharpness and shades of the picture.
Photoprocessing does not involve RE-TOUCHING OR MORPHING in any way. A good photographer will always give you a bunch of processed images. That is where a photographer's job ends. Retouching and Photoshopping, if required by the client, different professionals are hired who charge a separate fee.

In the field of glamour, retouching is a package with the photographer. Since the demands of the beauty industry are so fake, most photographers are dependant on having their images retouched for commercial usage.
Above Photo(26th) was retouched by Phowd
Skin softening, scar removal, clean up, hair re-do, make up and eye brigthening etc are a part of this process. Genuine fitness photography that is non-commercial rarely involves re-touching. Retouching is a beautificiation process much like over painting and is still ethical within limits. What is absolutely unethical and unfortunately rampant in fitness photography is MORPHING.
Refer to this page for good examples of retouching:

Morphing is what true photoshopping is. Morphing is when you use photoshop tools (usually like liquify, stamp, clone, replace etc) to contort the body/physique out of its original proportion.
Obviously there are people who go way overboard even with morphing, just for fun. 
Increasing biceps, straightening shoulders, increasing the bust size. widening lips, enlarging eyes and lips, straightening the nose, re-structuring the jawline, adding abs, reducing fat, shaping the legs and arms, reducing belly fat etc are all called BODY MORPHING / PHOTOSHOPPING. This, in my perspective is absolutely unethical.
For people battling image related self esteem issues, a photoshopped pictur of themselves could help them realise that they are already beautiful and  be able to see the strings behind the 'beautiful' faces of the celebs they admire. 
* THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO BODY MORPHING ETHICS: Like plastic surgery, even photoshopping has its ethical ground in certain unique cases. The only time where Photoshopping is an exception is when it's done not to fool people, but to help some one improve their own sense of self - to help them realise that they already look amazing and that the people they see in the media are all just like them, but enhanced with photoshop. It makes a huge difference to such people. It can also help people with body image identity disorders and help get such people out of depression. And this entire phenomenon is actually caused by the media and its fake representation of body and beauty ideals.

A picture of Yashmeen Manak Clicked by me on which morons were screaming 'PHOTOSHOP'.
This woman, my friend, is a professional athlete and trainer and in my opinion has
the most camera friendly female physique in India.
So, the next time you see an amazing physique on social media, think about it. Don't just be one of them random trolls that comment 'Photoshop' and piss on that athlete's hardwork and photographer's skills. It might be photoshop, it might be raw or it might be photoprocessed. But before you comment, make sure of what it is. Or else it only shows you as a fool, nothing else.
Another picture clicked by me. This is Miss World Fitness Physique winner
and a professional Muscletech athlete, Shweta Rathore.
Hating is easy. Finding Inspiration over your hate, may not be, but it sure is worth it.

Pushkaraj S Shirke
Fitness Coach, Fitness Photographer and Film Director

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